The Siesmix Jazz/Blues/Rock/Groove

Band Description

The Seismix’s unique blend of jazz, rock, funk, reggae, and latin music has been finding its shape since 2012 when guitarist John Rardin and bassist Gary Lindberg met to play and write music, discovering their styles made for some great fusion. Frank Hatfield joined the duo in 2013, adding dimension, form and theme with his progressive guitar playing. In 2014 Stephanie Bryson was added to the mix on lead vocals and keyboard. Bryson’s musical influences: Billie Holiday, Tori Amos and Susan Tedeschi come through in her soulful yet energetic sound. Drummer Chris Neikirk came in 2015. Neikirk’s intuitive playing gives way to exploration and improvisation that rounds out The Seismix’s infectious sound

Band Details