Kriss Linnea Pop Country

Band Description

You have given me the amazing opportunity to sing on the acoustic stage both last year and the year before, and I am forever grateful for that! They were some of the best experiences of my life! I remember talking to Skip last year, and asking how I could increase my chances of moving up off the acoustic stage to a bigger stage, and he told me to prove that I had energy. I have legitimately spent this last year working on just that. Moving with the guitar, even learning how to flip my hair without looking totally dumb. I am determined to prove that I can do this, and being able to move up to a larger stage would be a dream come true!!!! Ok, well....about me, I'm 26, a grad student, and bartender, and my cat is the best being ever. I've been playing for about 4 years and in that time I've been able to perform many places and even audition for America's Got Talent. I feel like I have truly found my niche in music and acoustic guitar. I am truly my most comfortable on a stage. I hope that you will give me a chance to truly express myself for a third time. As I said, moving up would be a nothing less than a dream come true! Thank you :)

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